English for Private Hire Drivers

In 2016 Transport for London (TFL) announced that all new and existing private hire drivers are required to meet the newly set - B1 English language requirement. Trinity's ISE: Integrated Skills in English has been approved by TFL for this purpose. This test is taken in Trinity's SELT Test centre which are located in Croydon, Hammersmith and Holborn.

ESOL Skills for Life

ESOL Skills for life tests the speaking, listening, reading and writing of the learner. These courses are intended for anyone aged 16 and over who are based in the UK needing to improve your understanding and use of written and spoken English for everyday use in life and work. ESOL's qualifications are available in five levels ranging from entry 1 to level 2. This course is ideal for a candidate who is looking to improve their English to support their everyday life communication. This test is taken in Trinity's SELT test centre in either Croydon, Hammersmith or Holborn.

Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE)

This Trinity college designed course tests speaking and listening and is a one-to-one, face to face oral examination with a Trinity examiner. GESE is suitable for all learners, whatever their level- from absolute beginner to full mastery. The grades range from pre- A1 to C2 (Grades 1-12). This course will help with your fluency and integration with workmates and people you meet in your daily life.

Integrated Skills in English (ISE)

ISE is a course designed by the internationally renowned Trinity College and is intended for young people and adults who are in need of developing their use of English language skills for study and employment. This course comes in 5 levels ranging from ISE 0-4(A2-C2), showing that it is ideal for candidates of all skill levels . Trinity's ISE is a mixture of four-skills exam designed to assess communicative English language skills. This course is ideal to build real life communication skills with a flexible schedule and detailed examiner feedback.

Spoken English for Work (SEW)

Designed by the internationally renowned trinity college and is for those who are over the age of 16 preparing for work or already have some work experience. This assessment prepares learners for the world of work. It is a one-to-one exam with a trinity examiner. SEW assesses a full range of practical speaking and listening skills that apply in the world of work on a day-today basis. SEW prepares candidates by providing valuable practice and assessment in conversations on the telephone as well as, formal and informal presentations. The course provides a range of linguistic competence from intermediate to advanced levels (B1 to C1).