Terms & Conditions

  1. All applications must be accompanied with copies of any required certificates and a copy of your passport. Most courses start on a Monday (Tuesday, when Monday is a Public Holiday) and finish on Friday (apart from the TEFL course weekend version). Accommodation starts on Sunday and finishes on Saturday (homestay and residence) or Sunday in case of the Stay Cub. Extra nights for accommodation can be arranged upon request.

  2. Starting day: all students during their first day may miss one or two lessons due to procedures to complete registration and the entry test to assess all students’ levels according to the CEFR.

  3. Minimum age:18 for all adult courses; 16 for school groups accompanied by an adult group leader.

  4. Students are required to check the Notice Board on a daily basis. Management of the College cannot be held responsible if a student misses some information which has been displayed on the Notice Board.

  5. Students are required to attend all lectures, take all tests and submit assignments set by their tutors. Failure to adhere to these guidelines/deadlines may render the student liable to certain penalties such as re-sit, which may in turn affect the student’s duration of studies, fees, completion etc.

  6. Students must inform the College of any change to their UK address and/or telephone number.

  7. Students wishing to transfer their course from one term to another due to extenuating circumstances acceptable to the College may do so but a notice of two weeks is required.

  8. KBM BSE accepts no legal liability in the case of accidents, illnesses, loss of or damage to personal effects and mail. Students will be asked to pay for any damage they cause to the premises and/or property of the College or their accommodation arranged by the College.

  9. KBM BSE reserves the right to expel any student for improper conduct or any conduct that interferes with the well-being of other students, staff or the reputation of the College.

  10. It is the student’s responsibility to apply, confirm validation and register with the relevant academic or professional bodies, where applicable and to enter for any external examinations.

  11. Appropriate terms and conditions and regulations of qualification awarding bodies will apply in addition to the above.

  12. Bookings and Payments: all students must complete the application form provided by KBM BSE specifying the course/courses chosen, the accommodation and or other services needed and they must provide any other important information regarding their health or any specific medical condition known by the student (food allergies, illnesses, specific needs for medication etc.). KBM BSE requests a deposit of 250 pounds for the course and of 250 pounds for the accommodation. The remaining total amount should be paid no later than 14 days prior to the course start date. Once deposit is received all confirmation documents are sent to the students. All payments may be made by bank transfer on the following bank account:

  13. Account Title: KBM BSE

    Bank: Barclays

    Branch Walk In : Wembley and Park Royal Branch
    Acorn House, 36-38 Park Royal
    London NW10 7JA

    Account Number: 83041972

    Sort Code: 20 92 60


    Swift Code: BARCGB22

    KBM BSE is not responsible for any bank charges. Payments must be received in full and banks should be instructed to remit the full amount plus additional funds to cover all bank transfer charges.

  14. Refunds, cancellation fees, changes: KBM BSE reserves the right to retain all fees paid, should the student cancel their course within 2 weeks of the course’s start date.

  15. After the course has started, the student must give 10 days’ written notice to the relevant school Principal of changes to or cancellation of a course. A cancellation fee equivalent to 1 week’s course fees will be charged. Refunds cannot be made for non-attendance, absence due to illness or any other cause.

    If a student wishes to be absent from the course for 1 or 2 weeks for the purposes of taking a holiday the student must give the relevant school Principal at least 2 weeks’ notice in writing.

    If a student wishes to exchange his/her original choice of course for one of greater value the student must pay the difference between the two at the time of requesting the upgrade.

    Any refund or other money due when a course is changed or cancelled, or a holiday taken, will be transferred to the bank account from which the payment originated at the end of the booked course.

    Money due in relation to a course booked by the student will therefore be returned to the student.

    If a student is denied a student visa or a study permit and KBM BSE is provided with a copy of the rejection letter on or before the first booked day of classes, KBM BSE will not refund the amount paid to KBM BSE.

    KBM BSE reserves the right to cancel a course, or make changes to course arrangements, without liability, if forced to do so for reasons beyond its control. If this happened, KBM BSE would seek to offer alternative arrangements, dates or venues.

    Where payments are made to external operators, such as for tours or accommodation, the terms and conditions of the external operators apply.

    If KBM BSE cancelled a course booked and paid for by the student in accordance with these terms other than for reasons beyond its control, and did not offer an alternative reasonably acceptable to the student, KBM BSE would pay compensation as follows:


    Where the cancellation is before the start of the course, compensation equal to the deposit paid by the student

    Where the cancellation is after the start of the course, compensation equal to one week's fees.

    Where the booking involves external operators for any of the activities, such as accommodation or transfers, the student becomes subject to their terms and conditions in regards to cancellations and refunds, KBM BSE will provide the student with General Terms and Conditions from other external operators in the booking phase so the student is aware of all conditions and cancellation policies.

  16. Insurance:Students must have adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending any of our programme. KBM BSE can request to review a copy of the insurance.

  17. Force Majeure:KBM BSE is not liable in the event of the school being unable to supply services as per its obligations, if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond KBM BSE’s reasonable control. Refund will not be made in such circumstances such as war, threat of war, civil strife, unusually adverse weather conditions, nuclear disaster etc.