General English

KBM BSE is known for its General English course which is offered in the form of group sessions or one-to-one lectures. This course specifically focuses on polishing the language and communication skills to enable the students in using this language in practical situations, be it work, study or for pleasure.

In Group General English the aim is to enhance the reading, listening and speaking abilities of students by emphasizing on their group communication activities. Towards the end of the courses certified exams are held to assess the students in terms of their learning and to find out how far they have been able to meet the language and communication goals. The students are assessed on the basis of their reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening skills. Their progress is consistently monitored by the teachers throughout the course.

The One to One General English course is basically an individual tuition offered to a student where the lesson topics are planned between both of them separately. These sessions are particularly beneficial for students in terms of analyzing their personal needs and learning styles and helps them achieve complete focus and attention of their teachers. This course is ideal for those who are in a need of quick progress in a particular field.

English Immersion

This course is designed to fully integrate the student into all aspects of the English Language. You will be in the classroom 5 mornings per week working on grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, writing and listening. Then you will spend the afternoons doing a work placement within our company KBM Group*. The English Immersion programme is recommended for those who want to practise English as they are learning, to gain confidence in communication. This method also gives you and your teacher continuous insight into the areas of your English which need improvement.

Intensive English

Designed for those who want to vastly improve their skills in a short amount of time. You will be in the classroom 6 hours per day 5 days per week. As well as learning all the principles of English Language, you will also be given regular assessments and evening work throughout your course, with our teachers focusing on the areas that need improvement. Upon completion you will then have the opportunity to do work experience* within our company or with one of our external associates to further improve on what you have learnt. We recommend this course for those who are looking to reside in an English speaking country or who are intent on a career where English Language is required.