KBM BSE commits at making your stay in London a very comfortable and pleasant one. For this purpose, it provides different accommodation facilities to students:

Home Stay

Home stays are one of the best accommodations that a student can wish for in London. This implies that they are made to live in a homely environment with a family throughout their course. With families belonging to diverse ethnic background but similar communication Language, this stay can be a very comforting and pleasurable one. The best thing about this accommodation facility is that the area is decided keeping in mind the proximity to the school and easy access to public transport. Other facilities that are included in home stays include exposure to British English Language, provision of meals, laundry services and a lot more.


All those students who have trouble accommodating in high budgeted areas, hostels are an ideal option for them. In this regard, KBM BSE opens doors to economical yet high standard hostels situated at the city centre. These hostels are a popular choice among majority today.

Residences, Shared Apartments and Mini Studios

For all those students who prefer an independent living, KBM BSE offers accommodation in the form of residences, shared apartments and mini studios. These places are suitable for those who are used to of living on their own and do not require any assistance. There are always options for self-catering available here. However a few residences offer a meal plan too. Such accommodations are usually located in 1, 2 and 3zones.

Airport Transfer

To welcome the newly enrolled students coming from all over the globe and to make their first day travelling hassle free, KBM BSE provides airport pickup service. This service includes picking up the student from London’s airport and transporting them to their accommodation directly. The facility is also applicable on other family and friends of the enrolled student.

In order to avail this service, the students must inform the school authorities in advance about their departure and arrival times so that they are collected from the airport on time.

Social Program

To further spice up the English Language courses and the stay at London, KBM BSE offers a special social program for all students. This program is an amalgamation of attention grabbing events and interesting places for visiting within and around London. Special trips are also arranged outside London to amuse the students. The best thing about these trips and events is that most of them are either free or very reasonable so that they can be afforded by all. All in all the social program is lively addition to the English lessons and helps students learn English in a social environment.

Work Placement

KBM BSE establishes its niche in the world of English learning and understanding through its work placement program. This program opens new horizons to learning English language.

Work Placement basically includes selection of several industries and sectors in accordance with your course choice and completing work placement there. This can be done during or after finishing your course. The one obvious benefit of this program is the application of English Language in practical everyday social situations. Here you will be given the opportunity to speak English with your colleagues and practice whatever you learnt in your class.

This program plans and lays down a list of objectives and clear cut goals to achieve during the placement. Therefore, you will be monitored throughout this time by the in-house work experience support team. Once you are done with this, the recruitment specialists will assist you with your resumes and techniques for giving interviews. This will make your job application process simpler and develop confidence in you. Not only this, you will also be awarded with certifications and references required with the future career paths.

Following are a few areas where you can avail the work placement facility however if your preferred industry is not listed here, feel free to get in touch with us:

  • Secretarial Duties and Administration
  • Information Technology(IT)
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Event Management
  • Education