About Our KBM Group


KBM Group proudly hosts and manages its venture of KBM BSB (British School of Business). As the name suggests, the school is a centre for learning and acquiring in-depth knowledge of English language and professionally applying it outside the academic arena. The school curriculum revolves around certified English language courses aimed at enhancing the language skills among students. As a result, by the end of the course, students are able to develop comprehensive techniques of the language and have sufficient confidence to practice it at various work environments.

The courses particularly feature English immersion and intensive language sessions coupled with several other academic activities planned to teach and monitor English Language learning abilities of students. One thing that gives KBM BSB a competitive edge over other schools is their work placement programme. This venture is made a part of course where the students are given the opportunity to showcase their English Language skills in a field of their choice. The programme is under control of the in-house recruitment service which carefully administers it.

Not only this, KBM BSB facilities its newcomers with services like accommodation, transportation and activities to make their learning tour a memorable and comfortable one. Henceforth, KBM BSB serves to be a milestone along the success ladder of KBM Group which has already established its benchmarks in the fields of Education and Immigration, Training and Job Recruitment, Online Marketing and Advertising as well as Accountancy and Business Advisory.